Q-1) What is 35 Hours of contact hours and how to get it?

A) You should have 35 hours of training or workshop on "Project Management". You can get this from REP's by attending their workshop (paid) or if you have attended such training or workshop in your company you can ask the company HR to issue you a certificate clearly stating the total hours and date when you attended such training. Such contact hours qualifies for your life time eligibility i.e. it has no expiry. Self learning is not counted here until this is virtual mode of training conducted by some 3rd Party or REP.

Q-2) How to calculate project management experience? And am I eligible for PMP® exam for my work?

A) Project management experience is wrongly seen as management experience, but for PMI® its any phases of project i.e. Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Control and Closing. If you have worked in any of these project phases, it counts for PMP® Exam. However you will have to make sure some part (small time) is applied in all these phases in the 4,500 hours or 7,500 hours. E.g. for a project A you can just claim for Execution and for Project B you can claim for Initiation and closing etc...All these are valid cases. However you cannot claim for 2 projects at the same time i.e. it should be Non-Overlapping. In simple words, you can just take around 8 hours for each day you spent in the project.

Q-3) If there a way/technique to calculate the project management time I have spent on?

A) Go to PMI® website and create a login. You can click on Certifications (PMP®) and try to fill the form or at least see every field. You don't have to pay anything for it. Your payment would come to picture only if you submit the filled application. The point is, if this process is free why not to create a login and try it. You will get answers to many questions which you have in your mind.

Q-4) Is PMP® certification a tough exam?

A) Yes, since all questions are situational. Keep in mind there is no fix process to pass the exam. Just believe in you and have confidence. 90% of PMP® exam questions are situational. PMI® does not reveal it's question and its right answer. So whatever you read and hear from across is the person/author perception. You will never know what the right answer PMI® would look for is.

Q-5) What is best way to pass PMP® exam in one go?

A) If PMP® exam passing had such straight forward formula, it would not have the value it has acquired today. Everyone has different story to share and they give different tips to pass. There is no documented and validated way to pass the PMP® exam. But, right guidance and attempting quality PMP® exam type questions helps all. Misguidance and over study are the major causes of PMP® exam failure. If you get into trap of attempting poor sample questions during practice, you will get into trouble for sure. You should practice about 2000 good PMP® exam type question.

Q-6) Is it possible to apply for PMP® exam without becoming a PMI® member?

A) Yes, absolutely. You don't need to be a PMI® member to apply for PMP® certification. But, do you not love and respect the money you earn? PMI® membership costs $129, but you get a $150 discount on the exam. Straight forward you save $21.
If you fail:
Reexamination Fees for PMI® Members - Computer-based exam: USD 275 and Paper-based exam: USD 150
Reexamination Fees for Non PMI® Members - Computer-based exam: USD 375 and Paper-based exam: USD 300
In short, from ever side, becoming a PMI® member has financial benefit.

Q-7) Why do I trust PMZest and it's package?

A) You cannot trust and get a guarantee from any PMP® Mock Test providers that you would pass, it's the honest answer over fake claims, you also know it better. Forget about passing now, think about the cost, most of the good providers charge you around $35 for one PMP® exam mock test of 200Q. How much are we charging? Just USD 45 for the entire Test package with 1200 questions. We can assure you that our questions are of high quality, unlike the real PMP® exam type and our concept of 100Q per test would add higher effectiveness of taking a mock test of smaller units.
Choice is yours, but think about the cost we are charging, if you fail (about 50% of people fail in each attempt) you will have to pay around $300 for exam re-take.

Q-8) Does PMI® review and recommend taking mock tests from REP?

A) These are all marketing strategies by big names. PMI® institute offers two type of licenses – REP and Derivative Work License. REP is pre-approved contract for training (classroom/virtual) and Derivative Work License comes into picture when you use PMI® work in your papers (e.g PMP® exam book authoring). Framing situational questions for PMP® exam is completely an individual work. Neither PMI® reviews mock tests for anyone nor they recommend any.